My name is Winnie and I have loved animals from a young age. I groomed Persian show cats for 4 years in high school. After graduation I worked at Petco as a Sales Associate for 2 years while attending Bellevue College.

Upon receiving my Business Degree, I completed a six month internship at Disneyland working in the stores. When I came back to Washington, I felt that I HAD to stay in an animal related business. I went back to Petco as a bather and attended Maser’s Academy of Fine Grooming in Kenmore, WA. I picked up grooming very quickly, andI believe that this is my calling in life.

I love doing unique, interesting cuts and hair dying has been especially fun (so please inquire!). I don’t have a dog of my own, so I love coming to work and loving and playing with our furry clients! <3

  • Basic Grooming includes: bath, hair cut, 15 minutes of brushing, anal gland extraction, nails clipped and ears cleaned and plucked, pads trimmed. Please call for a quote.

  • Pawdicure includes: nail trim, feet shaved, tops of feet trimmed, and nail polish - $22

  • Spa Package includes: specialty shampoo, conditioner, facial, and teeth brushing - $15

  • Hair Dyeing available Ask groomer for price quote.

  • Teeth Brushing $10 small dog, $12 large dog

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